October Kick the Bucket List Challenge

Happy October! It’s my favorite time of year – the weather will cool off soon (seriously, it’s San Diego, it’s the hottest month of the year), and pumpkins are already making their debut in candles, coffee, potpourri, pies, anything the commercial industry can think of.

The September challenge was a bit slow, as I think the month was busy. These next few months are going to be busy as well, so maybe it’s a good idea to consider seasonal or themed activities to challenge yourself to at this time of year? (Ever wanted to get through a haunted house or theme park? Want to make a gingerbread house? Etc.)

It’s time for the next challenge! Please send me your challenge for the month at rmahan330(AT)gmail(DOT)com. You can enter at any time during the month, but you only have until October 31st (Halloween) to complete your challenge!

All participants, please remember to send me pictures/short video and a short write-up of your experiences after you fulfill your challenge. And share, post, and tweet away with the hashtag #kickthebucketlist! (Read here for the official rules of entry.)

Good luck, everyone!


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