Stranger In This Town


The sight of the bleached skull shakes me from my stupor, as I spot it from the window of the truck’s cab. After miles and miles of barren desert, cactus skeletons, and the shimmering mirage of the sea in the remote distance, my eyes have started to glaze over. I am bored of playing games on my iPad, and have become a victim to the monotony of the landscape, drifting off into… Read More

  Yep! I’m busting out my passport again (just when it was starting to gather dust) and heading down south to the beautiful stretch of coastline known as Baja California! This will come as a shock to some of you, but…I’ve never been to Mexico. I know. I’ve lived in San Diego my entire life. Yet I’ve been to the Czech Republic, the eastern reaches of Germany, and AUSTRALIA…and never been to… Read More