Stranger In This Town


That’s right, kids, I’m finally venturing out of the region again – but not overseas this time. (Though I’ve been itching to make that long-awaited Scandinavia-Mediterranean trek a reality lately…) I’ll be spending the New Year’s holiday in Baja California again, this time with my boyfriend’s entire family at their vacation property. I’ve never had much need to travel to a tropical destination for winter vacation (I live in San Diego, people),… Read More

The sight of the bleached skull shakes me from my stupor, as I spot it from the window of the truck’s cab. After miles and miles of barren desert, cactus skeletons, and the shimmering mirage of the sea in the remote distance, my eyes have started to glaze over. I am bored of playing games on my iPad, and have become a victim to the monotony of the landscape, drifting off into… Read More

This stunning sunrise greeted me on our last day at the campground in Baja California. As a San Diego native, I’m used to the sun setting into the ocean – not rising out of it! It was awe-inspiring to watch the golden orb slowly rise out of the blue waters and almost immediately begin to warm the earth; it was even more beautiful when framed through a giant cactus on the bluffs.