Stranger In This Town


In 2013, I shared my favorite apps for digital nomads. With smartphones and apps growing in leaps and bounds, I’m overdue to share my latest favorites. Some are still the same since 2013, while I’ve added several others to my arsenal since then. Apps not only make our lives easier and more connected, they are a great benefit to backpackers who want to travel light. I love telling my parents and older… Read More

In the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague is a vibrant, bustling city – full of history, political undertones, and a jubilant expression of freedom in post-Communist times. In a time when the political center of Europe is shifting (and the Euro is flailing), Prague is growing – and thriving. Of its nearly 1.3 million residents, most are young, ambitious, and educated intellectuals fluent in Czech and English. Visit as an American… Read More

Happy November, friends! It’s been awhile, I know. Unfortunately, since returning home from my awesome six weeks in New Zealand and Australia, the extent of my travels has been around the southwest corner of the U.S. (with a short venture into Mexico!) Adventures have been pretty local, but that doesn’t mean I’m not finding them whenever I can. For example, last weekend I hosted my first ever Gogobot-sponsored event in my hometown…. Read More