Stranger In This Town


Cairns, along the northeastern coast of Australia, is an enigma: by all statistics and definition, it’s a city – but with a small town feel. Lying along the waterfront of the Coral Sea, it consists almost entirely of backpacker hostels, B&Bs, bungalow-style inns, pubs, cafes, and bars. The nightlife is surprisingly vibrant, with each establishment trying to outdo its neighbor on beer and food discounts; if you’re so inclined, you’ll hardly have… Read More

Take a moment and picture Australia for me. Are you doing it? No, really. Picture it. What do you see? Kangaroos, right? (You’re probably smiling now because you are, in fact, picturing kangaroos.) Koalas? (Now the rest of you are smiling.) The Outback? Red Center? Long barren stretches of dry desert with dangerous snakes and scorpions? (Stop smiling.) Or perhaps you’re picturing a whole different image: golden sandy beaches crawling with equally… Read More