Stranger In This Town


As ambitious as I may be, I have yet to see the whole world. (I know; someday.) In fact, when it comes down to it, I’ve probably seen about 2% or less. I’ve done a fair share of traveling for a 25-year-old with no trust fund, but the world is gigundo. Like, monstro status. When people ask where my favorite place in the world is, I can only select from the teeny pool of where I’ve been.

Cairns, along the northeastern coast of Australia, is an enigma: by all statistics and definition, it’s a city – but with a small town feel. Lying along the waterfront of the Coral Sea, it consists almost entirely of backpacker hostels, B&Bs, bungalow-style inns, pubs, cafes, and bars. The nightlife is surprisingly vibrant, with each establishment trying to outdo its neighbor on beer and food discounts; if you’re so inclined, you’ll hardly have… Read More

Greetings from Kiwi-land! After a very – very…VERY long trip from LAX (via Tokyo, Singapore, + a 17-hour layover in Singapore) I finally arrived three days after my departure. It was just after 10am in Christchurch, and I noticed three things before I even left the airport: 1. The people are ridiculously friendly. I’m talking make-you-feel-insanely-welcome friendly. From the guy at the airport info counter, who joked and laughed with me in… Read More